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What Is Aerated Water?

Aerated water is water that is kept well-oxygenated. This means the lake or pond has a lot of dissolved oxygen in it instead of stagnant waters that have little. Aeration increases the amount of oxygen present in a waterbody.

The Effects of Eutrophication on Oxygen in Water

Eutrophication is the process in which a body of water becomes depleted of oxygen through overgrowth. It may happen when there are excess nutrients, such as algae and aquatic weeds, that take advantage of an imbalance to grow into massive blooms while blocking sunlight from reaching plants or filtering out oxygen during decomposition after death.
Lake Aeration for Oxygenating Water Bodies
Overgrowth decreases activities like boating, swimming, fishing for mobility since weeds can obstruct large areas around the lake with its dense vegetation underfoot. If left untreated, this can lead to more algae and bacteria growth which will eventually overtake a body of water. This has devastating consequences for any animals that rely on natural vegetation to survive and thrive.

Why Aerate Water?

Oxygen is key to the health of all aquatic ecosystems. In lakes and ponds, oxygenation comes from a mix of surface water mixing with calmer deep waters, which have higher dissolved oxygen levels through natural aeration or artificial means like an air pump. When there are not enough aerobic organisms in your lake/pond ecosystem for good buoyancy control (think about that next time you see algae floating on top), it becomes more likely the system will be overwhelmed by anaerobic bacteria when they take over - leading to toxic emissions and other consequences beyond just poor swim conditions!

Environmental Waterway Restoration Aeration Process

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Other companies may want to fix the problem with short-term solutions by addressing the symptoms. Killing off algal blooms and the overgrowth of weeds may reduce plant life, but it does not solve anything in the long run. This will continue a cycle going on for decades- adding organic matter sediment that can further deplete oxygen levels from already low amounts found underwater sources such as rivers or lakes.

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EWR has found a way to use the laminar flow inversion process and oxygenation of water without disturbing turbidity or nutrient levels. This is done by sending microbubbles from the bottom up, which allows for beneficial plant life while also preventing increased pollutant levels like algae using the circulation of aerated water.

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Aerated water lessens algae blooms, allows for better fish growth and reproduction rates, reduces the amount of organic sediment in the body of water it is contained within by increasing its oxygen levels. EWR's solution addresses long-term problems with nutrients and stratification that would otherwise cause harmful consequences on animal habitats and humans who depend on clean waterways for their drinking needs.

Environmental Waterway Restoration Aeration Process

EWR combines the oxygenation process with bioaugmentation to help clean and keep your water healthy. Bio-augmented enzymes break down organic muck similar to compost piles in backyards. At the same time, diatom levels provide food for fish and clean up dirty messes faster than ever before. The Environmental Waterway Restoration approach helps reduce nutrient availability and ensures that you have a beautiful body of clear water free from odors or pollution!

The Environmental Waterway Restoration Nutrient Sponge is revolutionary in reducing nitrogen and phosphorus levels by filtering them from water flowing into your lake or pond. We understand the complex processes underlying each property, ensuring a more cost-effective and efficient solution for you!
Environmental Waterway Restoration
EWR is a family-owned Florida based company that has been providing quality solutions for water environments since they were founded.

EWR is a family-owned Florida based company that has been providing quality solutions for water environments since they were founded.
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