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Inversion Oxygenation for Natural Algae Control in Florida

Eutrophication is the natural process where chemical nutrients, typically compounds containing nitrogen and phosphorus, take over a body of water. This happens naturally, but it's accelerated by human activities or events like when an animal dies in a water body, which adds to its content of such chemicals. Eventually, this starts to overwhelm the waterbody and favors plant life over any animal life.
Algae is a type of plant that varies from harmless to harmful. Filamentous, blue-green, and planktonic are all types of algae that can cause problems for humans in eutrophic water bodies like ponds or lakes. Diatoms do not harm people but benefit from controlling other forms such as filamentous nuisance algae, which have been found near drinking water supplies where it may contaminate them with chemicals and toxins, leading to health hazards if consumed by animals or human populations nearby these natural sources.
Filamentous Algae
Blue-Green Algae
Planktonic Algae
Algae blooms are a severe risk to your health and well-being. These unappealing growths can inhibit recreational activities, such as fishing or swimming in the water, by obstructing the view of what's beneath the surface. Additionally, certain algae blooms—such as blue-green algae, which is toxic when ingested— can release substances into aquatic environments that cause significant harm to humans and animals alike, including respiratory problems, skin irritation, or rashes; nausea from drinking contaminated water.

When there's a rapid increase in algae activity (such as during summer heat), dissolved oxygen can fluctuate greatly - rising significantly at day but dropping dangerously low after dark due to their respiring nature; depleting fish populations who depend on getting enough air into their gills. Negative impacts on animal populations like fish stocks and wild animals are all the more reason algae control may become more necessary.

Problems With Chemicals For Pond and Lake Algae Control

Chemical clarifiers and Alum can become ineffective over time or could potentially damage invertebrates that live in the water. EWR Inversion Oxygenation will increase oxygen throughout a body of water which reduces algae. EWR Inversion Oxygenation is the best way to reduce and control algae naturally. This method does not involve any harmful chemicals, will increase and stabilize your water's natural levels of oxygen, as well as reducing nutrients safely without eliminating their source. Any other methods may be short-lived or could potentially damage microbial communities found on these waters' bottoms, leaving them susceptible to more future algal growths. This is a practical approach to naturally reducing and controlling algae. Some forms of algae also become resistant to chemicals over time.
Our Inversion Oxygenation method will improve water quality and clarity, improve fish health and growth rates, remove muck sediments and reduce odor around your waterbody.
Environmental Waterway Restoration
EWR is a family-owned Florida based company that has been providing quality solutions for water environments since they were founded.

EWR is a family-owned Florida based company that has been providing quality solutions for water environments since they were founded.
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