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What is Biological Augmentation?

A well-engineered Environmental Waterway Restoration inversion oxygenation system can increase water quality and clarity. Still, biological augmentation is a great way further to enhance the cleanliness of your body of water. Biological augmentation involves applying non-toxic, natural, beneficial microbes that improve visibility and water quality while reducing organic sediments (muck), which accumulate on the bottom over time.
Environmental Waterway Restoration has been pioneering the stimulation of indigenous microbes through food-grade electron donors and cofactors to accelerate organic and inorganic bioremediation. Through decades of research, their microbiologists continue advancing possibilities for dealing with hydrocarbons and heavy metals contamination in water bodies.

Why is Biological Augmentation Necessary?

Due to nutrient overloading, many water bodies become out of balance. Due to photosynthesis, dissolved oxygen levels constantly change, making it hard for fish and other aquatic life. Chemical applications drop killed algae and weeds to the bottom, where they start to decay before running out of oxygen, also killing natural bacteria and microbes. These dying plant materials accumulate in to inches, or sometimes feet, so more uses are needed with more potent chemicals just for similar results.

The EWR process is a program that has been developed to help clean up dirty water from the bottom of ponds and streams. The biological augmentation with beneficial organisms jump starts this natural way of cleaning water by consistently turning over oxygen like in compost piles which allow oxygen to stimulate bacteria inside in breaking down waste into excellent airy soil for plants or trees.

Water bodies can be efficiently improved without chemicals! Biological augmentation with beneficial organisms jumpstarts an efficient way to clean water: nature's recycling system.

Unlike other methods of muck reduction, our process turns it back into food for fish and aquatic life. As beneficial microbes do their job, they become consumed by tiny insects that get eaten up by fish, which is good because the whole chain becomes healthier. Fish health grows greatly due to this while nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen become more scarce in the process.
Environmental Waterway Restoration
EWR is a family-owned Florida based company that has been providing quality solutions for water environments since they were founded.

EWR is a family-owned Florida based company that has been providing quality solutions for water environments since they were founded.
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