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Oil and Gas Removal

The traditional extraction of oil and gas involves significant water usage, which often leaves the environment contaminated. Produced water is a by-product from these processes that can be reused for various purposes if given proper treatment.
For decades, fracking has been a controversial topic, but recent innovations have made it much more affordable and efficient. These advances bring with them new problems. One of those is the produced water that needs treatment before reintegration into watersheds or transport back underground through pipelines before it's too polluted by chemicals like hydrochloric acid and ethylene glycol to be safely reintroduced into natural habitats. The Environmental Waterway Restoration system can treat this dirty wastewater, making it safe again, so gas & oil companies don't need their own expensive onsite systems, which are often not as effective!

Cleaning Water Biologically

Environmental Waterway Restoration has spent nearly a quarter of a century cleaning water biologically. By using fine-bubble aeration in unison with biological treatments, EWR is able to produce industry-leading results by lowering levels of dissolved metals such as manganese and iron while raising pH levels. The company's system can also be used for sludge buildup prevention and surface matting staving off during industrial activities that release significant quantities of contaminants into the environment, which are detrimental to natural resources we need like clean drinking water or air quality near our homes--and they don't use any chemicals!
By using our industry-leading microporous ceramic diffusers, EWR can introduce oxygen into the produced water. This chemical reaction leads to a series of changes that stem from higher dissolved oxygen levels and oxidize sulfide-reducing bacteria, which reduces the odor of hydrogen sulfide found within fracking lagoons. Not only does this process help with removing hydrogen sulfides, but it also stabilizes pH levels for optimal conditions when trying to remove hydrogen sulfide as well! The increased level of dissolved oxygen in fracking water transforms it into an oxidized state. This allows for converting manganese, arsenic, and iron into less soluble forms that make them easier to remove from the treatment process. As a result, this decreases remediation costs by increasing effectiveness and efficiency at treating contaminated soil or ground-water sources as well as reducing risk factors associated with metal leaching during energy production processes such as mining or drilling operations.

The Significance of Water Turnover

The Environmental Waterway Restoration aeration system is a crucial part of our process as it constantly turns over the water and prevents sludge buildup. The surface of your water will remain clean with no matting from excess algae growth, thanks to the fine bubbles that break up into tiny droplets on top of the water's surface. Continuous evaporation means there's less humid air at the surface, which ensures rapid evaporation rates. Another beneficial attribute of our patented Aeration System is constant water turnover without any buildup or matting in unsightly areas.

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Bioaugmentation, such as enzymatic formulas to help reduce hydrocarbons, is often used in symbiosis with the mechanical introduction of oxygen into the water to produce more outstanding and faster results.

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EWR has a wealth of experience designing and installing aeration systems to increase dissolved oxygen levels, reduce mosquito growth, and keep water quality high. Aerators have proven an effective solution for many oil & gas companies when addressing low dissolved oxygen levels or elevated metal concentrations in the water.

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EWR is always at the forefront of engineering new solutions with innovative products that solve problems businesses face on both coasts - from Florida to Maine! EWR provides practical strategies and cost-effective solutions for keeping your facility operating smoothly no matter what challenges you face.

Environmental Waterway Restoration
EWR is a family-owned Florida based company that has been providing quality solutions for water environments since they were founded.

EWR is a family-owned Florida based company that has been providing quality solutions for water environments since they were founded.
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