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Pond aeration

Ponds are not just for fun; they serve many purposes. Stormwater retention ponds, golf course ponds, community aquascape ponds, organic farm ponds, and irrigation pools all have unique needs to succeed. These range from nutrient loadings to sedimentation issues that affect water quality, but a solution comes with experience! With years of expertise under our belt, we've developed the knowledge necessary to keep your property healthy.
In recent years, property development within Florida watershed areas has skyrocketed. This increased load on ponds is taking a toll on their water quality - with lost oxygen levels and an increase in sedimentation leading to decreased numbers of fish species and pondweed growth. The best solution for these poor conditions? Adding a natural pond aerator!
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These devices are inexpensive & can be placed anywhere around the perimeter of your body or garden's edge so that they release natural CO2 into the surface layer before it mixes downward, where it may cause algae blooms by reducing microbes that would otherwise compete against root-feeding plants like duckweed & blanket flower.

The Process

Pond aeration is the process of increasing oxygen in a pond to improve water quality. This process allows fish, aquatic insects, and aerobic bacteria to decompose non-living organic matter, naturally reducing pollution levels by eliminating weeds for ponds. Pond aerators work with special equipment that injects dissolved oxygen into waters; this improves overall water quality while simultaneously reducing heavy polluting materials like weeds from growing at an exponential rate as well as other algae blooms (HABs).

Problems With Chemical Use for Pond Algae Control

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Chemical solutions may treat algae blooms; but only temporarily solve the issue without improving anything else like removing sediment at the bottom, eliminating odors emitted by stagnant water - all while risking harming aquatic life with toxins that could affect downstream.

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The problem with pond algae control is that chemicals are not a wise solution to removing the weeds. Chemicals can be harmful to water quality as they kill off all plants and release their nutrients into said water, making it even more toxic than before. It also doesn't do anything about muck or fertilizer in your pond, which will make things worse.

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Reducing algae and weeds in a pond can be done by aerating the water. Pond aeration is based on nature's natural processes that are already working to restore our ponds. A restoration process using pond air will do this naturally but much faster, so it'll keep up with today's pollutants

Environmental Waterway Restoration's Pond Aeration System

Environmental Waterway Restoration's special pond aeration products are designed to increase oxygen levels, reduce odors and nutrients, and create healthier environments all around your property.

EWR is known worldwide for its innovation in aerators that will keep your fish healthy and give you peace of mind with cleaner water, better clarity, and increased growth rates on their side!

When you need a pond aeration system, turn to the experts at EWR. Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with solutions to address their specific needs and meet all environmental regulations while still achieving desired results. With an in-depth assessment of existing conditions and recommendations for bioaugmentation by adding beneficial bacteria and enzymes, we can guarantee success every time!
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When it comes to pond aerators, there are many different approaches. Still, none are better than those designed by expert engineers at Environmental Water Restoration (EWR). We take care of size, shape, or depth considerations when designing these systems and understand your goal regarding water quality improvement outcomes, too - so no worries about any conflict between design goals.

Request a FREE COST ESTIMATE and let EWR transform your pond and restore its beauty, naturally.
Environmental Waterway Restoration
EWR is a family-owned Florida based company that has been providing quality solutions for water environments since they were founded.

EWR is a family-owned Florida based company that has been providing quality solutions for water environments since they were founded.
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