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Natural River and Stream Restoration Methods in Florida

Rivers are a complex body of water that most people think about as flowing and moving quickly. However, what is not well known is the stagnant depths beneath its surface, with little to no dissolved oxygen near the bottom. To restore rivers for better quality and restoration efforts, innovative inversion systems can aid river improvement by maximizing flow at increased speeds while also bringing river water from the bottom to its topmost layer or air-oxygenated section.
Environmental Waterway Restoration has developed a water restoration process that will make river improvement and stream restoration much more effective. This process brings oxygen to the bottom of rivers while neutralizing toxins, which reduces foul odors in turn. We call this highly specialized aeration system "Continuous Laminar Flow Inversion and Oxygenation" or CLIFO for short; it's been shown time after time to be successful at improving quality of life wherever we go with our services. The same process can also be used in stream restoration if the stream meets specific criteria.

Environmental Waterway Restoration's River and Stream Restoration System

First, inversion and oxygenation enable beneficial bacteria to thrive on the bottom. When the bacteria biodegrades organic matter, it produces carbon dioxide, which gets released into the atmosphere through the Environmental Waterway Restoration process while providing food for insects that eat other small organisms and microbes. Beneficial bacteria grow from feeding off of this decomposing material just like our gut does when we digest food! These bugs are essential because they form a symbiotic relationship with plants so that heavy metals can't build up further downstream even if there's pollution upstream.
Second, inversion and oxygenation will reduce disease-causing bacteria. Many pathogens are strict anaerobes and require a nutrient broth for survival; practically all pathogen's lives end when exposed to ultraviolet light emitted by the sun. Treating water with UV light and reducing bacteria by increasing the body's oxygen content will reduce disease-causing pathogens. Pathogens like a nutrient broth to survive, so exposing them to sunlight or giving them less food is an effective way of killing these harmful organisms.
Utilizing the Environmental Waterway Restoration Continuous Laminar Flow Inversion and Oxygenation aeration system, the water treatment process for river improvement and stream restoration is easy. All water quality parameters significantly improve, becoming very clean after a few weeks with sustainable natural use available to everyone in town.
Environmental Waterway Restoration
EWR is a family-owned Florida based company that has been providing quality solutions for water environments since they were founded.

EWR is a family-owned Florida based company that has been providing quality solutions for water environments since they were founded.
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