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  • Sonar Depth and  Vegetative Mapping

BioBase Mapping

Environmental Waterway Restoration uses advanced sonar mapping technology called BioBase, powerful cloud-based software that processes and creates layered aquatic vegetation and bathymetric maps from collected depth sonar data. The power of this technology has helped in the restoration and upkeep of our waterways. With Environmental Waterway Restoration utilizing a powerful programing through BioBase, you can be sure that their cloud-based software will process data to provide accurate reports for customers interested in monitoring any changes over time by establishing baselines with recent imagery before determining how best respond accordingly when needed most!

Uses of Bathymetric and Vegetation Mapping for Florida's Lakes, Ponds, and Reservoirs

Environmental Waterway Restoration's sonar depth and vegetative mapping services can be used for any size water body to easily determine essential variables, such as:
Average Water Depths
Sediment Volumes and Monitoring
Fisheries Management
Pond & Lake Aeration Design Parameters
Water Quality Monitoring
Calculating Water Volumes and Surface Areas
Maximum Water Depths

Vegetation and Bathymetric Mapping for Water Quality Improvement

BioBase is a cutting-edge environmental mapping service that provides in-depth understanding of the body of water you want to understand. The bio data includes a vegetative map showing where edible or harmful algae types grow, as well as information on nutrients levels and pollution within each ecosystem type across Florida!

Bottom Composition Monitoring

EWR has developed an advance process for reducing muck in ponds using this technology. It starts with EWR's proprietary laminar flow and bioaugmentation, resulting in reduced organic sediments or muck on the bottom of the water body. Bottom composition mapping can show changes from light tan (soft) to darker orange (firm). This is all part of our process.
Bottom Composition (Hardness) Map in florida

Water Depth Monitoring

As the muck builds up, there is more water depth. BioBase maps can show this by changing from light colors representing shallow waters to dark colors representing deeper water. The maps below demonstrate these changes over a period of X months as some areas remain unchanged, but other parts see an increase in their depths and have gone entirely underwater.

Biobase mapping allows for clear visualizations of how increasing amounts of muck lead to increased depth levels which can be monitored.
Depth Contour Map in florida

Biovolume Monitoring

The laminar flow and bioaugmentation used by Environmental Waterway Restoration can reduce many types of nuisance vegetation over time. The biovolume maps below show how different colors correspond with varying levels of plant growth, starting with red as high followed by yellow, green, then blue at a lower level. The second image below shows that most of the biovolume has been drastically reduced.
EWR's commitment to providing cost-effective solutions with greater operating efficiency is unrivaled. Working closely alongside our clients in order achieve the desired results, we'll work hard for you! Pricing will depend on specific needs and location so contact us today if you have a water body that needs improvement!
Vegetation Biovolume Map in florida
Environmental Waterway Restoration
EWR is a family-owned Florida based company that has been providing quality solutions for water environments since they were founded.

EWR is a family-owned Florida based company that has been providing quality solutions for water environments since they were founded.
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